Old North Trail Tours Scheduled

Old Trail Museum board members Dave & V.V. Shea and Jim Nys, and volunteer Dave Hartman, have offered to lead and narrate two one day tours of the Old North Trail, located along the mountain front west of Choteau. One tour will be North and one South of the Teton River. Each tour will be a 6-7 hour driving/walking educational adventure that will begin near the Teton River. Short walks are optional if anyone is physically limited to remain in a vehicle. Lunch will not be provided, so bring your own food and drink. The North tour will be offered on July 9th and the South tour on August 13th. Suggested donations for each tour will be $25 per person.

Participants will need to provide their own transportation and carpooling will be encouraged. We will meet at 7:30 am on each date at the Old Trail Museum and plan to leave Choteau by 8:00 am.

The history of the Old North Trail will be discussed. On the North Tour you will be able to see the Big Ring, Tepee Rings, Vision Quest sites, Eagle Trap, Antelope Butte Cairns and several sections of the Old North Trail. On the South Tour you will see Big Bear’s cabin, adjacent North Trail and markers, the Metis Cemetery and History Sign, Buffalo Drive Cairn lanes, Tepee Rings, the Pothole Archeological site, Buffalo Jump sites, Eagle Trap and Old North Trail segments. In addition, on both tours we will discuss the geology, local flora, and wildlife.

Note: The August 13th Tour is full. Call for the waiting list.

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